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Plot Armor!

cuff-platforms-01I was digging around on Twitter and the internets for an idea for today’s blog post, and came across a tweet suggesting I blog about Glee. Not that I don’t love me some all-singing, all-dancing, high school shenanigans, but what it reminded me of was another tv show I like to watch, namely TNT’s Leverage. Now, for those of you who don’t know what Leverage is, it’s a series about a rag-tag group of con artists who use dubiously-legal (but mostly not) methods to gain “leverage” for their down-trodden clients, and make them some money. At the end of last season, Nate, the criminal mastermind of the group, went to jail. In last night’s season premiere (spoiler warning for those of you that want to skip ahead), Nate got out of jail, and after a token effort to get the hell out of dodge, he and his team went right back to business-as-usual in the same apartment where they were busted last season, and the same local pub.

When I complained about it on Twitter, one follower replied that Nate has “plot armor.” And, well, I just love that phrase, and all it implies: the sense that such little details as your secret hideout being not-so-secret anymore just aren’t worth mentioning, or changing.

Now, if you did something like that in a novel, everyone would call you on it, right? You’d think so…

But tell me this, when James & Lily Potter were killed protecting their newborn Harry, and he was given to his aunt to raise, why didn’t someone change his name? I mean, if you’re Voldemort, and you’re searching for the prophesied child of the Potters, would you expect to find him as a Dursley? No! You’re looking for a Potter, you find a Potter.

Plot armor. Who else has it?

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