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princessbrideSo, I’ve heard there’s a movie that just came out that’s based on a pretty popular YA novel. Maybe you’ve heard of it? And it got me thinking about book to film adaptations, and how some of them are amazing, some of them pretty so-so, and others… well, let’s just say there are times you wish you could pop into your head and physically pull out the bad memories. With a nice sharp knife.

And while it may be the dream of every writer to have a movie deal, there are times when, having got that wish, you might wish to distance yourself from the resulting film.

So I’m curious what you think about movies made from books. We don’t even have to stick to YA or MG books — the whole of the bookstore is open to interpretation. Let’s put ’em into categories: awesome books made into awesome films, ok books made better by their adaptations, and fabulous books where the movies missed the mark (with the full understanding that one man’s Gone With The Wind may be another’s Battlefield Earth).

I’ll start: The Princess Bride. Awesome book, fabulous movie. Your turn!

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