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Good News for Josie!

thumb_JosieBlossI’m thrilled to share the latest news for kt literary client (and former Band Geek) Josie Bloss. From Publishers Marketplace:

Author of ALBATROSS and BAND GEEK LOVE, Josie Bloss’s FAKING FAITH, about a teen shunned for a “sexting” incident who fakes her identity to fit in online with a community of ultra-conservative homeschooled teenage girls, again to Brian Farrey of Flux, in a nice deal, for publication in Fall 2011, by Kate Schafer Testerman of kt literary (NA).

And a question for my readers. Have you ever met someone in person that you first connected with online, on a blog, forum, or some other site (but not a dating site, which is specifically for the purpose of meeting people face to face)?

I think most of my readers know I have. Rexroth and I first “met” playing a computer game, and in the online forums for that game, then extended our friendship to our respective personal blogs before finally meeting in person and beginning to date. The rest is nerd history.

How about you?

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