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Can you know TOO MUCH about an author?

gaggedI was paging through a website I follow regularly today, looking for a post I’d seen some time in the past, but without a clear sense of where or what it was. In brief: pretty randomly browsing. And over the course of my clicks, I came to know one blogger a whole lot better than I had previously.

Now, get your dirty minds out of the gutter. I’m not talking about anything salacious, but I did discover some more details about her politics and beliefs and deeply-held truths to cast some aspersions (in my own mind, at least) on what I’ve liked of her work before.

Has this ever happened to you? You read an author’s book and love it on whatever level, and then you find out something more about the author, or what the book is reported to be ABOUT, and suddenly, you can’t help but look at the work differently.

Or can you help it? Are you able to separate an author’s personality and politics from their prose? Do you even want to? Do you care? Do you think it ADDS to their work?

In this world of celebrity connections on Twitter, once you know what someone’s thinking about at 3am in the morning, can you still enjoy their art?

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