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All the News that’s fit to Share!

BrindisiI have seen some BEAUTIFUL covers I’m dying to share for some forthcoming 2011 titles by kt literary clients, but I’m not allowed to show them to you yet. It’s like knowing what happens in the season finale of Lost and having to wait two more weeks until you can talk about it with the world!

But there’s got to be some good news we can share, right? (Besides the arrival of my new boots from Duo, which I ordered in London, pictured above.)

Well, I’ve been pitching new novels by Amy Spalding and Trish Doller, both of which I love to pieces. And I’m always optimistic about being able to share more good news about those in due course!

I’m also only a day away from meeting Carlos Rosas, one of the two founders of Nia, and continuing my study of that with training towards my Green Belt.

What about you? What good news do you have to share with the world? Let the comment section ring!

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