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1000 Words, Part One

We talk a lot about how to sell a book here, but little about how to write it. On my part, that’s mostly because I find the people coming to my site already have an inkling of the process of writing a novel, but also because my specialty is in the selling of your work, just as yours is in writing it. It makes sense for both of us to concentrate on what we do best, n’est-ce pas?

But today I want to break that “rule,” such as it is, and talk a little bit about inspiration. Maybe not for a whole novel, but for that germ of an idea that drives you to put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper and get down and dirty and creative. There are those authors who are famous for having dreams about their characters, and those who joke about the Idea Store. But what about photographs?

This year, I’ve been working on a photography project with the goal of taking & posting a new picture every single day. So far, it’s been going pretty well! Anyway, because of that, I’ve been looking at a lot of great pictures from some pretty amazing photographers. And some of them just BEG for a story to be told. Like this one:


Which is by Jordan Matter, as part of a collection called “Dancers Among Us.” I love it.

So, your mission for today is to write something inspired by this photograph. On Monday, I’ll post another inspirational shot, and on Tuesday, a third. Wednesday, we’ll vote for our favorite out of all the pieces inspired by all three images, and the author of the piece with the most votes will win a 30 minute phone conversation with me, to ask me anything you’d like!

Rules? There are none! Just post your piece of whatever genre in the comments of each photographic blog post, and I’ll put together a poll next week. (What about Friday, you ask? As always, that’s the day for our About My Query post.)

Have fun!

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