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New Submission Policy, for reals.

Climbing a Pile of FilesIntern Jenny and I are working through a slight backlog of queries that accumulated while I was in Italy, and her computer was replaced. In the meantime, I’ve made a (for real, no kidding) adjustment to my submission guidelines. Moving forward, as of today, April 5, 2010, any queries sent with an attachment will be marked as spam and deleted unread. Because Jenny and I are nice people, in the past, even if you completely disregarded our stated request that no attachments were sent, those queries still went to the same pile as all the ones from writers who followed the rules, and we went through them.

No more! I want to focus our attention on the writers who follow our guidelines.

If I can figure out how to set up the filter, all queries that aren’t sent solely to me, but rather cc’ed to me as well as to multiple other agents will also be marked as spam. This is akin to a putting up a big poster on a sidewalk asking for everyone and anyone to respond, and I choose not to take the bait. Again, most of the writers who approach me know the proper business form of a query letter is a directed email to one agent at a time, but the ones that don’t take up time I’d rather devote to reading queries that get it right.

In addition, if you’re an author who is sending a new query, but who previously submitted a novel to me for which I requested chapters but ultimately declined, please do say so in your query letter. I have a good memory for names, but I appreciate the reminder.

Anyway, right now I’m looking at queries from March 12th and on. If you sent something BEFORE that date and have not yet received a response, please check your spam folder, confirm that you followed my guidelines and didn’t send an attachment, and do feel free to resend with a note that it is a resubmission. Thanks!

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