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Consultation Winner!

woman_with_headset_on_phoneThanks to everyone who shared their teen writing. It was a lot of fun to read! As promised, I used random.org to pick one winner from the comments for a one-on-one phone consultation (not a pitch session!) with me, at a time to be mutually agreed upon. And the winner is…

Red Boot Pearl!

Pearl, please send me an email with your phone number, and the times you’ll be available to chat next week. To take us out into the weekend, another except from my teen writing. Does anyone remember the tv show Double Trouble? I loved that show. I think this was based partly on that, and partly on my obsessive reading of the Sweet Valley High books. This is the entirety of chapter one. Enjoy!

“What am I supposed to wear? How am I going to get you-know-who [Voldemort?!?!?] to notice me if all my clothes are horrible?”

Tricia Williams, Allison Jackson’s best friend responded with a sigh, “Oh Allie, you have tons of clothing. Why don’t you wear your red leather pants [really?]with your white shirt [she must not have had too many clothes if she’s only got the ONE white shirt.]?”

“Oh Tricia, gimme a break. It’s only the beginning of September. [Yeah. No one wears winter white in September. Jeez.] How about this?” Allison held out a fluorescent pink minidress. “Too loud, maybe?” [I don’t think I meant it ironically.]

“Allison, it’s perfect!”

“Okay, so now I have a dress, but nothing to do with this face, or my hair!”

“Allison Jackson, your hair is perfect just the way it is, and you know your face is fine.”

Allison Jackson [in case you didn’t already know her name by now] was one of the most attractive girls at her school. She had long, silky blonde hair, skin as smooth as silk and eyes as blue as the sky. She practically always had a tan since she lived in Southern California [if you think she sounds plastic, I should probably note that I was totally describing a Barbie doll. Seriously. My Barbie dolls had very detailed lives.] Fortunately for her she loved aerobics and dancing, which kept her in great shape. She lived with her sister Tia and Tia’s husband Charles.

Tricia, meanwhile, was the exact opposite. While Allison had straight blond hair [in case you forgot already], Tricia had short, curly, black hair. Tricia’s eyes were also dark.

“Now come on Allison, let’s go.”

“Okay. But if Lance Robins doesn’t notice me, someone’s gonna die and it might be you.” [Ooh! Murder threats! And a boy named LANCE!]

In case you hate the idea of not knowing what happens, I can assure you that Allison and Lance did wind up together, after some heartbreaking misunderstandings, AND she won the dance contest! And that’s my last dive into my teen writings, I promise.

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