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Guest Blog by Intern Jenny: Inspiration

inspirationI’ve always been more of a reader than a writer. Just about everything I’ve ever written has been for school and nothing has ever managed to inspire me to write for pleasure … until recently.

A few months ago my music aficionado husband made a mixed CD for me and every time I listen to it stories pop into my head without me even trying. Whether or not I am able to do anything with these stories is yet to be determined, but I must admit that it is a strange and satisfying phenomenon.

I remember reading an interview with Stephanie Meyer about how the inspiration for the Twilight series came to her in a dream and Kate and I recently discussed the fact that she was inspired to write a book while taking a class in college. The variety of forms inspiration can take are fascinating.

So what inspires you to write? Is it music, a dream, an interesting historical figure? And after you find your inspiration how do you create an entire novel out of it?

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