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Getting Ready to Go

shoes,suitcaseSo, I leave Thursday evening to meet Maureen Johnson in England and then fly on together to Italy for the Bologna Book Fair. Am I ready? Well… I’m getting there. I’ve printed out my schedule of meetings, made extra copies of my rights list, brought a huge bundle of business cards to give out to all and sundry, and most importantly, stocked my Kindle full of things I’m excited to read.

But every time I think I’m getting close to being ready to go, I remember something else I can’t forget to bring, and suddenly, the guest room bed where I’m laying out all my stuff in preparation for packing begins to look like a rummage sale. Can I fit that ALL in one bag? (Well, ok, one checked bag, one laptop bag, and one small carry-on.)

I aspire to be an amazingly light packer with fabulous outfits I can mix and match in interesting ways… but I doubt I’m going to be THAT different a person when I travel than I am at home. Still, I can dream.

At the moment, my dream consists of three pair of shoes. That’s it. It may be a bit of a nightmare, but hey — worst case scenario — I’ll be in Italy when I decide I need something new. Oh noes!

So how do I tie this into writing your book and/or publishing?

Well, how about this? You can pack by writing a list of things to bring and checking them off one by one as you put them in a bag, or you can just throw things willy-nilly into a suitcase and hope for the best. So — do you outline your novel or just let it flow? And if you DO outline, is there room for that extra pair of shoes you just can’t pass up in Italy?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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