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Catching Up

IMG_0953I got home from Europe late last night — well, around 7pm Mountain, but it felt way later to me! I’m mostly caught up on emails and such — not queries, though, so thanks for your patience on those. I did get through EVERY partial on my Kindle, though, and made several requests for fulls, so I’m looking forward to reading those soon.

On a whole, I think one of the most encouraging things I heard from international publishers at the fair was an interest not just in paranormal, which continues to do well, but also contemporary YA and MG adventure. Which just about covers all of my authors, so yay!

And I even had a chance to read a book! Holly Black‘s fantastic new YA novel White Cat, which is being published in May. If you love heist movies, or stories about con artists, you’ll love this. Plus — magic!

Have you read anything great while I’ve been gone? Besides my fabulous guest bloggers, of course!

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