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About My “About My Queries”

pile_of_mail.jpgLately I’ve gotten a number of emails from authors who’d like me to feature their query in my regular weekly “About My Query” posts (or AMQ for short). And I thought it would be helpful to put up the guidelines for such here, as a single reference point, and so that I don’t have to say the same thing multiple times.

What I don’t do: just pick random queries that are sent to me for consideration as an agent to post and pick apart.

What I do: every few weeks, I will put out a call on my blog for queries to post. Then, and only then, should you send me your query in an email with the subject line “About My Query: YOUR TITLE”, where “your title” of course represents your actual book’s title. All of these emails should be emailed to, NOT to I’ll anonymize your name and use your initials or some other nickname that you request. (WordPress doesn’t think “anonymize” is a word, but I like, so I’m using it! Also, totally says it is, so there.)

Once I get your query for an AMQ post, I will email you with the date that it will be posted. At any point before that time, if you change or revise your query, I ask that you email me back with your edited query, so that I can post the most up-to-date letter.

I do things this way because, in the past, I just let people send me AMQ posts whenever they felt like it, and I often ran into the problem of posting queries only to get comments from the author that said, basically, “Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I completely changed it, and I got an agent, and I just sold my book for a bazillion dollars.”

When I do open my mailbox for AMQ posts, I’m hoping that I won’t have to set a specific number of how many posts I’m looking for. So far, I’ve been able to take what I get and schedule posts for a few weeks (somewhere between 5 and 8, maybe). If I get 25 next time, I think I may have to cap it at a lower number — in which case, yes, I will let those authors who are over the cap know to try again in a few weeks.

So, them’s the facts. Any questions I haven’t answered? Put ’em in the comments, and I’ll answer them there. And stay tuned — I expect to put out a new call for queries shortly!

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