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Ask Daphne! About My Query XXXXI

Salomon Ski Boots 2In honor of my adventures on the slopes today, a par of ski boots to see us into the weekend! And an AMQ post from Lisa, which I’m going to once again ask my incredibly intelligent (and likely less-muscle fatigued) readers to critique first. Ready? Let’s go!

Dear Ms. Unfeasible,

A mystical book transports a great-grandfather back to his youth.Β  There he must decide whether to return to the aches and grief of old age or remain twelve years old forever.

In LANE & FINN’S BIG BOOK OF ADVENTURE, a 28,000-word middle-grade novel, Lane regains his childhood and reunites with his beloved dog, Finn. Together they relive the escapades of their youth: The proper care and feeding of dust bunnies, the effects of drinking jelly bean juice, the lifespan of a doughnut tree, and more. Lane discovers the magic of the book will live on, enchanting the lives of his family for multiple generations, but only if he makes the correct choice.

Manuscript is available at your request.Β  Thank you for your consideration.


I will start the conversation with one question, though: does this sound like a middle grade novel to you? Why or why not? My answer on Sunday!

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