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Back It Up!

backblazeI’m in the middle of the horrifyingly worrisome process of backing up all my essential electronic files for the installation of a new hard drive for my laptop. I’ve had an external hard drive that I keep all my music on for a few years, and I also used it to backup my work documents, past attempts at writing of my own, and my photographs. Well, yesterday, while trying to do a more thorough back-up, I filled it up. One trip to my favorite electronics store later (I love you, MicroCenter!) , I had a shiny new cayenne-colored hard drive that was more than twice the size of my old one. Now, I *think* I got all the important files backed up and copies over, and I moved all my music files, and pointed iTunes at their new location, but I’m still nervous. What if I missed something?

As writers, I imagine this thought is even more paralyzing. The fear of losing something you’ve labored over for hours and days and weeks and months… well, it’s terrifying.

So, I’m curious: how do you handle it? Do you back your work up in multiple places? How do you do it? Besides my external hard drive and my manual attempts to back it up, I also use Backblaze and DropBox. Plus, all my email goes through Gmail, which keeps copies of everything, and I’ve got all my photos backed up on Flickr.

If your computer crashed or your house was on fire, what’s the one file or group of files that you would want saved?

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