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Ask Daphne! About My Query XXXIX

diorhaurecouture-cropI’ve got About My Query posts scheduled into March, but when I looked in my drafts folder this morning, today’s post was empty! One entreaty posted to Twitter later, and here’s today’s query for your review. I like changing things up every so often, so rather than posting my thoughts and having a bunch of comments agreeing (or disagreeing) with me, I’m going to let my readers chime in with their thoughts first — I’ll post mine sometime this weekend. As for the shoes, they’re just pretty, from Dior’s recent Haute Couture show in Paris. Ready?

Dear Ms. Unfeasible,

I am hoping you will find Diary of a Womanizer, my manuscript, of interest and am enclosing the requested materials. The genre would be Young Adult/Adult/Debut Fiction. The word count is: 15, 848.

Isn’t it about time that we see and hear how a guy deals with some current issues, such as family problems, drugs, alcohol, sex, step-parents, and girls? These are some of the issues the protagonist, Seth Rollings, deals with throughout Diary. The book starts off on a bad note for him with a huge fight with his mother, Debra and step-father, Peter, over his party-centric lifestyle. A huge falling out leads this 22 year-old wealthy kid to his only option, living with his best friend Logan’s house, which is where the trouble really starts. Unfortunately, Seth thinks that being and getting into trouble is fun.

First, Seth meets Chloe, another wealthy girl. Seth thinks she is “the one”, however he doesn’t do anything about it. Seth then gets all down on himself about that, so Logan suggest something that make Seth’s life so much better. Logan suggests that he not just stick to one girl, but to have many at one time. Although he’s nervous at first, Seth takes that suggestion into action. After the first girl, he realizes that he likes it and continues for about 7 more. On his continous trail of women, Seth is thrown into a new world, full of stalking, drugs, sex, alcohol, jealousy, and much more. After the 7th one-night-stand, who through a crazy twist is actually Logan’s girlfriend, Seth has hit rock bottom. He is out on his own with nowhere to go, but home. When he goes back home, the issues with his mother get worse. Then his real father, Vincent, decides to show up after 22 years. Once that happens, he finds out that his mother has been lying his whole life about so much. With all this information and drama, Seth leaves home for good. He ends up at a hotel when he finally realizes what a mess he made of his life and goes to find Chloe, which he thinks will make his life complete and back to normal, because she is the one.

Diary of a Womanizer is told in the first person in diary style. The story is told from Seth’s point of view.

I can relate to Seth in many ways which is why I think I am qualified to write about all of this. I have dealt with step-parents, real fathers never being there, and many of the other things he goes through. I currently am taking English and Journalism classes at Community College of Allegheny County and currently working at local news station writing news stories. I am currently working on the second book on the series I hope to complete.

Diary of a Womanizer is my first novella. My research has led me to your agency. I’m happy to share it with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chris P.

As always, please be constructive, and let Chris P. know what you think of his query. I look forward to reading the comments.

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