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Ask, and Ye Shall Receive!

IMG_0292_1You guys are rocking my world with all your comments on the previous post. I’m going to keep the contest running for one more day, and will announce the winner of either Maureen Johnson‘s new novel Scarlett Fever or Josie Bloss‘ forthcoming Albatross on Thursday. So keep commenting! And don’t worry about leaving your preference for a book in the comment — I’ll email you to get your address and confirm your choice.

In the meantime, one of the most popular requests was for reviews of books I read for pleasure. I’ve been somewhat leery about this in the past, because I have to work in this industry, and I don’t want a lukewarm review of a book to make an author think twice about blurbing one of my client’s books, for instance. (You’d think it was self-explanatory that my reviews of books are merely my own personal opinion, but in an industry about relationships, personal opinions can come back at you. Anyway…)

I use a reading list on Amazon and Visual Bookshelf on Facebook to keep track of books I read, but I will try to be better about putting up some thoughts here as well — with the understanding that the books I’m likely to be posting about will be the ones I liked and enjoyed.

So I hit the library this afternoon and picked up a few titles I’ve been looking forward to, and the picture above is my to-read pile next to my bed (not to be confused by the to-read pile in my office, which covers about two bookcases). I look forward to getting back to you about them!

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