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January 27th, 2010 • Kate

appleSo the publishing world is all abuzz today with news of Apple’s iPad, although — period jokes aside — I’m not yet seeing that this is THE THING that will change publishing as we know it. I’m certainly not ready to give up my Kindle, and since I’m not on AT&T, nor do I wish to be, I’m not chucking my Blackberry any time soon either. I wouldn’t have minded an announcement that the iPhone was going to be available to Verizon customers, but I guess that’s a rant for another day.

In any case, I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve talked tech here on the Daphne blog, so I thought I’d throw out a few questions to you. What devices can’t you live without: Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, iPod, netbook, laptop, Kindle, Sony Reader, camera, rotary phone, typewriter… What’s your toy? And what do you think about the iPad?

Also, late breaking news — I’m going to be participating in fellow agent Colleen Lindsay‘s AskAgent tweet chat TONIGHT at 10pm Eastern, 8pm Mountain. Follow us on #askagent.

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15 Responses to “All Abuzz”

  1. JL Coburn Says:

    Now that I have one I couldn't think to go without my netbook. I abuse the hell out of it multitasking and it still works beautifully despite being XP. My LG Shine phone is a good touch too, mainly for the camera and candid shots of the kids.

    As for the iPad…it's not something I'd ever buy. The main draw I see in an eReader is decluttering my bookself and reducing eye strait. eInk does just that. A font on a paper like background that iBooks has doesn't. I won't even start about the price.

  2. allreb Says:

    I'm an Apple nerd and had been following tablet rumors like crazy, but of course the real deal doesn't actually live up to anyone's hopes and dreams, since it can't be all things to all people. I've seen a few comments that basically say, the iPad looks great for media consumers, but not so good for media *production*. That seems dead on to me.

    As a writer-y type who mainly uses my laptop for, well, writing, I don't see any advantage in the iPad over my already-trusty MacBook. It doesn't look like it would be good for lengthy writing sessions unless you use the keyboard/stand attachment, at which point it wouldn't be as mobile as a laptop, since that seems like it requires a table to sit upon, so… No good there, really.

    That said, if I had income to spare, I'd get one anyway. I commute via subway and live with my iPod on, and am always either reading a book or playing a game on said iPod, or contemplating something I wish I was writing down. It looks like the iPad would allow for all of those things (and also it would be shiny, my inner Apple devotee pipes up).

    Right now, what I can't live without is *some* form of iPod for my commute (I have a touch that's a couple years old, but could downgrade pretty easily if it broke or something) and my laptop.

  3. Delilah Dawson Says:

    I'll chime in as the resident Luddite. The iPad rigmarole on Twitter reminds me of that day I walked into 3rd year Portuguese instead of first year Italian in college, and my notes just read "?". I have a three-year-old laptop that doesn't have Microsoft Office, and my cell phone is the cheapest flip phone available at Target in 2006. But I can't live without either of 'em.

  4. Amanda Says:

    I definitely can't live without my MacBook or BlackBerry. I would definitely love an iPhone, but I won't switch to AT&T for it. I also have a Kindle that I love very much, but I wouldn't say I can't live without it. That said, I would be very sad if I didn't have it.

    As for the iPad, it doesn't seem necessary to me because I have an iPod Touch, a MacBook, and a Kindle, but I guess I would consider one if I had money to burn.

  5. Rissa Watkins Says:

    I am here to steal Delilah's Luddite title. I just cancelled my cell phone. That's right, I am cell phoneless. Scary huh?

    The only thing I couldn't live without is my laptop.

    So happy I will be in time to check out #askagent usually stumble on them by chance, nice to get notice for it. Can't wait to read Kate's pearls of wisdom.

  6. Rebecca (Fie Eoin) Says:

    I can't live without my sticky notes. My phone doesn't work in the lab, I've never owned an ipod (although I do have a generic MP3 player that I love in airplanes and basically no place else), I don't think I could ever bring myself to read on a computerized anything (I love books), and despite my love of the internet I have problems with computers. But my sticky notes? Always there when I need them, the battery never runs low, and they don't crash and lose all my data (although sometimes they fly away never to be seen again, so I got super sticky notes).

    I also couldn't live without my Pilot G2 gel pen. It's lovely.

  7. Miss_Tammy Says:

    You can have my Kindle when you pry it out of my cold, dead hand! Or until something cooler than the iPad comes along.

  8. Shannon Says:

    Gave my laptop to my son. Gave my ipod to my daughter. I forget to turn on my cell phone like 75% of the time (but I'm addicted to the bubble game, so I keep it). I only answer the phone if I feel like it. A netbook thingymajig looks kind of interesting but my PC will have to do for now.

    I could pretty much live without any technology.

    Although (she says thinking of an umcoming birthday), I got to play with a Kindle at Christmas – it was cool.

    (Sigh) It doesn't really matter. When you are married to a computer geek, you have no say in technology.

  9. Adam Heine Says:

    My only toy is the laptop (most of those other toys aren't as useful in Thailand, unfortunately). And my only thought on the iPad so far is that's one terrible name.

  10. Scott Says:

    The IPad is just a bigger version of the ITouch. So my question: what was the IPoint?? Sorry. I mean, it looks snazzy, I was all set to buy one, and then I realized that I have an IPhone which is pretty much the same thing as an IPad, except it's smaller and I can make phone calls from it! Woo-hoo!

    So, what's the next great technological invention that's going to bring the world to its knees? : )


  11. Laura Diamond Says:

    Listen. I got the iphone six months ago after agonizing over for two years. Now I'm in the throes of buy a Kindle or not buy a Kindle. (I'll probably buy one, but still, it takes a while for me to get the feel of a new techno gadget.) As far as the ipad? I probably don't need it, so I'll give it a couple of years to see how it goes. But that's just me. Behind the times and not in a rush to catch up. 🙂

  12. Abby Stevens Says:

    In 2003, a hurricane knocked out my neighborhood's power for 12 days. I'll never forget how odd it was with no tv, no cell phone (well, a little bit of cell phone, we used a car charger to keep it charged but weren't able to use it much since our landlines were out too and we needed the cell for emergencies), no computer, no internet (obviously), no video games, no movies. Since then, I have realized technology actually puts a lot of pressure on us. I could live without all of my electronic gadgets and gizmos, but the ones that would be most inconvenient to live without are my computer (the laptop or the desktop, whichever), and my cell phone. Beyond that, I could deal.

  13. Abby Stevens Says:

    Oh my, Rissa! No cell?! In my family, all the kids get cells when they start driving, but we were never allowed to be those crazy always texting type of kids, and if we went over our minutes… TROUBLLLLLE. But, having had a cell since I was 17 means I feel a bit naked when I don't have mine. I always worry… what will I do if I get a flat? What will I do if I break down? What will I do if I get in an accident? It's odd to think just 10 years ago, most people didn't have cells, but for the above situations, I think a cell does make one safer. To me, my cell mostly means not having to walk two miles down the interstate at night when you get a flat.

  14. Katie Says:

    I have to agree with Abby- I literally am not sure how I would survive without my mobile phone. How did people meet up before cellphones? How did you contact your parents to ask for advice every five seconds with out a cellphone? I'd be utterly lost. Though my laptop is a close, close second and since I have skype it practically serves as a phone half the time- a really cheap phone. And, of course, I love a good ole fashioned pad of paper and a pen. When the iPad gets small enough and light enough that I can carry it in my purse a write notes out on a whim then I'll check it out put for now I'll stick with what I've got.

    Ps- I know the kindle is supposed to be amazing but don't you just love the feel of paper? I know it's not echo friendly but it's so freaking satisfying to flip open a new book.

  15. Shannon Says:

    Kate – the kindle was cool, not doubt about it. But it actually had some little things about it that I didn't like. They try to make it look like a book (to the eye). So, the background is white with black type. But, having the thing lit (like a computer screen) wore on my eyes after awhile.

    The thing that made me go oooooohhhhh, were the thousands of books at my (and my credit card's) fingertips.

    Also, I heard on the news (Colorado, local) that some authors and publishers are "hooking" readers by offering their new release free for the first month. People like it, read it, want to read more from that author.

    I know this goes off subject a bit, but have you seen (or done) any marketing ideas like this?