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“Powerless? No, powerful!”

Powerless3I love this sixth grader’s review of Powerless by Matthew Cody. In part:

Matthew Cody’s characters made me care about what happens to them. His descriptions of the characters show that they are more than one-dimensional – that they are more then they appear to be.

Matthew Cody’s book is now high on my list of favorite books. Not only did the plot make me want to keep reading with its twists and turns, it made me want to want more after the book was over! This novel made me feel that not only did the characters have powers, but I did too! Powerless? No, powerful!

Hooray! Also check out this blog review, which calls Powerless, “a book with fast-paced action, rapidly shifting plot, and focus on superheroes and detectives. The book will appeal to both girls and boys, and is a great choice for comic book fans. With the lessons taught I think that it would be great it teachers taught the book in the classroom.”

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