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No Slacking Off Yet!

sexy-santa-bootsI really shouldn’t be slacking off yet. I’ve still got to get through the rest of this week (and 107 unread queries and all the partials and fulls I’ve requested) before I get to take my holiday vacation. So in lieu of a longer post today, so I can spend more time enjoying the Yule Festival in LotRO reading your entertaining manuscripts, I’m just going to point you towards today’s post on The Enchanted Inkpot, which asks:

Suppose you are throwing an end-of-the-year party, and you have all of children’s fantasy literature to draw upon. You can invite any character from any fantasy book, you can hold the party anywhere from Bag End to Hogwarts, you can feast on mik-bars or Turkish delight. So tell me about your party plans!

So who are you partying with? Leave your comment on the Inkies site, and here!

I’m going to compose my response in the comments!

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