NaNoWriMo Round-Up

December 1st, 2009 • Kate

nanowrimo_logoWe made it to December 1st! How did you do on your NaNoWriMo novel, for those of you who were working on one? How many winners do we have? And what’s your plan for the coming months? I’d love to know. (So long as it isn’t “query kt literary moments after typing The End.”)

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13 Responses to “NaNoWriMo Round-Up”

  1. DH Kuypers Says:

    I finished! Now I'm going to put it aside for the holidays and catch up on my reading and movie-going and dogwalking and everything else I've neglected. And then there's "Modern Warfare 2." But in the New Year, I'll re-open the file with shaking fingers, hoping it's as good as I thought it was when writing it.

  2. Beth Cato Says:

    I finished up my 50k. This one is a sequel to last year's novel, so I intend to go back to the first book and heavily revise (for the umpteenth time) and join a critique group. Hopefully I can start querying sometime in the summer… and in the meantime, I'll finish up and revise the sequel.

  3. Wendy Prior Says:

    I finished too 😀 In fact, I've since finished the whole 65k words for the novel. I've got about six months bare minimum of revising and polishing to do, but hey, it's a start!

  4. Lindsay F Says:

    I got to 50k, but I still have a few chapters left until the story is finished. Then I'll set it aside for a week or so and go back with a machete, because I'm 100% certain that it completely sucks. I'm not sure it will ever be polished enough for querying, but we'll see. It's the first time I'll have completed a book, so I can't really expect it to be any good.

    But hey, I'll have finished a book! Well, the first draft that is. But still!

  5. Karen Says:

    I only made it to slighly over 35k. I still consider it a sucess because I never used to write daily, just power write on friday and the weekends. NaNo got me in the habit of coming home after a long day of work and commiting to writing for a few hours. So for that, I consider myself a NaNo winner!

  6. Iapetus999 Says:

    I finished my ~80K word Steampunk novel. My plan is to let it sit for a month or so (tho I keep stealing peeks at it) then come up with a revision list. I plan to rewrite it from scratch, but then I heard of some online revision course that starts in Jan so I may do it that way since I know I suck at revision. I haven't even written a query yet. 😉

  7. Katee Says:

    I made it to 75k but my story has another 10-15k before it's finished. Then I'm going to ignore it and any new projects while awhile to give my body/mind a chance to recover. I just ordered Mass Effect so I'll be playing video games!

  8. Heather Says:

    I hit 50,000 but need another 10,000 or so to finish (it's YA) and then I'm going to put it aside to revise my finished MG ms. Then, we'll see. Maybe revise the Nano novel, maybe draft something else. I finding revising two novels back to back doesn't allow for the creative flow of drafting. I need a good balance in my writing life. Congrats to everyone who crossed the finish line! And I know that everyone is supposed to say that their Nano novel sucks, but I like mine. It'll need a great couple of revisions, but it's a solid start.

  9. B.E. Sanderson Says:

    I hit 44K for the month, but since I was working on a story I'd already started, that 44K got me to the end of the book. Now it's time to let this one cure for a few weeks at least while I work on revising something else.

    Congratulations everyone.

  10. Julia Says:

    I didn't get through NaNo this year. I stopped on the NaNo novel around 12K. Life interferred.

    Then when I was able to get back on track, the ms wasn't talking to me at all. I picked up a story I started two years ago, and it has been singing to me ever since! I hope to have the first draft completed in the next week and then start on revisions.

  11. Kristi Says:

    I didn't NaNo this year but did spend the month doing revisions on my YA ms. It finally went into the hands of my wonderful critique group this week and then I'll do final revisions. I plan on starting the query process after the holidays if everything goes well. I'm also 20K into another YA, so I'll work on that to pass the time while I wait on feedback.

  12. Becka (Fie Eoin) Says:

    I completed my NaNo Novel at 65k on Nov 30th. I'm pretty happy with it for a first draft, but it will need a lot of work, eventually. For this year I'll put it aside though, while I work on last year's NaNo Novel. I spent the past couple days re-reading what has been typed up (I only typed up the first 50k, I've probably got another 25k after that hand-written and waiting for my wrists to heal) and then I plan on editing it over the year with my writing group. It's a pretty good first draft with few inconsistencies that I found on the re-read so I'm hoping the editing will go better than Fie Eoin's, which I'm putting aside for the year as well.

    And in the middle of that I'm organizing a regional conference for next year's NaNo MLs!

  13. Trixie Says:

    I finished a young adult novel with 50,000plus words! It was such a rush, and now that I haven't gone back to it in order to edit/tweak, I feel withdrawal symptoms coming on…I actually miss my characters, and have been researching online to refine elements of my novel.

    It's such a rush to know I was able to make it, and I really hope I can survive editing over the next year. It is my dream to get a literary agent interested enough in it!