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What’s Your Song?

Glee-PuckHarperCollins editor Molly O’Neill, a fellow Gleek, has a great post up on her blog today about songs as reflections of your characters (inspired by last night’s Glee). To quote Molly:

I’m curious, though–if asked directly, what would your book’s main character (ooh! or your book’s antagonist!) tell you is the song (and it doesn’t have to be musical-theatre inspired, of course) that’s his or her anthem, that one song that defines the world as she/he sees it, or defines the very core of him/herself? The song that she or he would put on repeat over and over and over when they’re feeling lost or alone, or trying to pump up him or herself or a big moment? What song makes your character feel like the songwriter practically crawled inside his or her brain (or heart) and somehow managed to express everything that was in it?

Hop on over to Molly’s blog and leave a comment!

I don’t have a character to define, except myself, but the two song titles that pop in mind when I think of my theme music are Mr. Brightside and King of Wishful Thinking. For pure walking-down-the-street soundtrack, it’s a song from the movie The Power of One called The Penny Whistle Song.

Answer Molly’s question on her blog, and come back here and let me know if you have a soundtrack for yourself as well!

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