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OPERATION REDWOOD a Top Ten (twice!)

thumb_operationredwoodJust got some great news about S. Terrell French‘s Operation Redwood! First, from Daily Kos, which prefaces their list thusly:

Best-seller lists, the air waves, oped pages, and blog posts have been filled with Steven Levitt’s and Steven Dubner’s shallow,truthiness-laden Superfreakonomics. […] There are, essentially, innumerable works more worthy of our attention and engagement, even if we constrain ourselves simply to books also published in 2009.

Thus, after the fold, ten books published this year that are more worthy of your time and money…

Whether or not you agree about Superfreakonomics, you have to be happy for Redwood! Their praise:

A quick and amusing read which, based on the four sixth-graders who reported on it to me, has the potential to open eyes of young people about individual action and the use of media action to help turn the tide on devastation of our environment. At times, for this reader at least, the writer made me close my eyes and think.

Then, from the Mother-Daughter Book Club, their list of Top Ten books written in 2009 by women. And a noteworthy explanation:

This doesn’t mean that men are not writing books that appeal to mothers and daughters, because they do. And in fact, my list of favorite authors for mother-daughter book clubs includes a healthy mix of both genders. I’ve always stressed to my daughters that gender shouldn’t be a consideration for competence, and that they should form opinions of others by their actions. Even so, some days prompt a sense of solidarity with certain groups and today is the day for women writers.

There’s more snow on the ground, or I would totally climb a tree in celebration!

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