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A Writing Community

Circle_of_writersI’m having lunch this afternoon with fellow Denver literary agent Kristin Nelson, who’s one of a several other Denver Literary Ladies I see regularly. And, well, my forthcoming lunch got me thinking about community, and what that means for a writer.

One of the biggest adjustments for me in starting kt literary was going from working in a department of eight people, in an office with forty or so colleagues, to working by myself, all day. Having Intern Jenny coming in two days a week now is great, but for a long time, before she started working with me, the way I kept my head together was by keeping in touch with other local literary folks, as well as other agents online.

I’ve talked before about the importance of having a great critique group, and now I want to know a little bit more about yours — or about the literary community around you, if you don’t have a critique group, per se.

Is your critique group local? Where do you meet? How often? Or is your social and supportive network mostly online? How do you work together? Email, phone calls, forums — or does anyone use Google Wave yet to facilitate a critique group?

Let me know if and how you play well with others in the comments!

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