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Writing Exercise

EighteenthShoes5MAMovieIf I haven’t made it perfectly clear already, I’m a woman of many interests. As much as I love books (and I *love* books), I’m also a huge fan of tv and movies (note the shoes from Sofia Coppola’s production of Marie Antoinette). Not all of them, sure, but I have my favorites, and I can get a little fanatic about them. So I can’t help but love this week’s column by John Scalzi (writer and tv creative consultant for Stargate Universe) on, combining a fun writing exercise with some great sci-fi movie tropes. The pitch:

Below you will find a selection of writing assignments, based on various science fiction movies and/or science fiction filmmakers. Write up one or more, and put them into the comments below (one writing assignment per comment — keep them short and punchy). Here’s the juicy part: I’ll select my favorite from the bunch and AMC will award its author a DVD set of the original The Prisoner. It’s that easy! Have fun.

There’s some fun comments already, and I have no doubt my readers would ROCK this contest. So have at it! Leave a comment on the blog post over on, and then come back here and cross-post it or put a link in the comments below. I can’t compete with a DVD set, but if one of my readers wins the whole shebang, I’ll add a book of your choice from the kt literary library.

Good luck, and HAVE FUN!

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