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Snow day!

snow_shoesIt’s been snowing since late last night here in Colorado, but luckily, except for one brief trip out this morning, I’ve been enjoying working from home. It’s nice not to have to go out! Plus, I have a new novel by Matthew Cody to read, as well as other wonderful client materials.

Still, I think back to snow days of yore, when school would get canceled, but I’d still bundle up in all my snow gear to go play outside and make a fort. The corners of our driveway, where snow would get piled up both from the street plow and from my dad shoveling the driveway, would turn into towers, and I remember storms after which several people could easily sit in one of our homemade igloos.

Then there were NYC snowstorms, which would blanket the city in a clean coat of white, and cars would cede the broad avenues and cross streets to kids pulling sleds towards Central Park.

Now, I get to watch the puppies bound through snow up to their chests (and clean up after them when they come back inside). And aside from not making my usual trip to the bank or post office, it’s pretty much like a normal work day.

What’s your favorite part of snow days, past or present?

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