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“A mystery and adventure treat”

Powerless3More great news for Matthew Cody‘s debut novel Powerless, including this stellar review from Booklist:

“When 12-year-old Daniel’s family moves to Noble’s Green, Pennsylvania, to be with his dying grandmother, new neighbor Mollie introduces him to her oddly assorted friends. He soon learns they all have superpowers. In fact, for 70 years talented kids have been responsible for the pattern of rescues that has allowed Noble’s Green to call itself “the safest town on earth.” But what does it mean to be a hero? Although he can’t fly or become invisible, Daniel is a pretty good detective, and he gets caught up in helping his new friends avoid losing their powers when they turn 13, as has been the pattern. A nearly complete set of 1940s superhero comics and some original drawings play an important role as the comic-book villain and hero both seem to have come to life. This first novel has an intriguing premise, appealing characters, and a straightforward narrative arc with plenty of action as well as some serious moments. A mystery and adventure treat for middle-school boys, who will clamor for a sequel.
— Kathleen Isaacs, Booklist

In addition, I invite you to check out Matt’s blog, on which he’s counting down to the official release day for Powerless with a list of his top ten – – that is, nine — influences in writing the book.

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