We interrupt our blogging to ask, “What the Heck?”

September 10th, 2009 • Kate

gaga091009Can you just LOOK at those shoes for a moment? Of course they’re being worn by Lady Gaga, in a picture courtesy of Jezebel, but… but… but… I don’t know, guys, I think I’m speechless.

They’re TOE SHOES. With heels. And a platform in the front. Thereby negating the fact of them being TOE SHOES.

I think my brain may explode.

Also, she’s not wearing any pants.

But wait, I think I can find a way to tie this into books. Have you ever picked up a book thinking it would be one thing — a romance, a mystery — only to realize that it’s something else entirely? I’m not just talking about the books that can be read on many different levels, I mean the ones that make you go, “Ok, wow, I was NOT expecting that.” The political thriller that turns into a romance — ok, that’s practically a sub-genre of its own. But what about the mystery that became science fiction? The romance that turns into horror? What about one of my favorite shows of all time — Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The paranormal that turns into deep social commentary?

Got any examples to share? I’m also open to pretty pictures of shoes to wipe this shoe-tastrophe from my brain.

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15 Responses to “We interrupt our blogging to ask, “What the Heck?””

  1. Carrie Harris Says:

    The blue Calvin Kleins are made of awesome. Just don't look at the CDGs with the toes on them. It'll just make your brain hurt more.


  2. Stephanie Perkins Says:

    Okay, I have nothing intelligent to comment upon regarding the second half of this post BUT . . .


    Whaaaaaa? NO. No no NO.

    (Plus, my sister was a ballerina for years, very talented, so the first thing I think about when I see toe shoes are my sister's poor bloody, bruised feet. Kinda gross.)

    Also, what's the deal with celebrities not wearing pants anymore? Have you noticed?

  3. Stephanie Perkins Says:

    Carrie — Regarding the CDGs: Those are the shoes of nightmare clown dream sequences in horror films.

  4. Kate Says:

    Argh! Carrie! What are you doing to me? Those CDGs are HORRIBLE!

  5. Beth Says:

    Ooooooh boy. I'm not surprised this is Lady Gaga. I only found out about her recently because of her Muppet-massacre outfits. *shudder*

    As for a book with a surprise genre, hrm. I'd say that The Time Traveler's Wife surprised me with the sheer amount of sex (and the anatomical language), something I didn't expect in what was already a romance/literary/scifi hybrid. I loved the book, but those instances still jolted me a bit.

    Mary Doria Russel's The Sparrow also surprised me. The back blurb makes it sound like an interesting tale of Jesuits in outer space, but wow, it analyzes the very depth and meaning of humanity and God. It would be well suited for religion or philosophy classes.

  6. Linda Says:

    I second the Time Traveler's Wife, but more because I didn't expect the poignant love story.

    Here are some tango shoes to help you overcome platform toe shoes (as uncomfortable to say as they must be to wear): http://tangomusings.blogspot.com/2006/12/its-all-

  7. Carrie Harris Says:

    I told you not to look at them. Of course, that meant that you looked at them FIRST, didn't it?

  8. Libby Says:

    they're called pointe shoes.

  9. beth Says:

    OK, I admit it….I watch America's Next Top Model. And one of the models had to wear those exact same shoes.

    Wear, I said.

    Not walk.

    Cause she couldn't walk in them–who (other than, apparently Gaga) could?!

  10. Karen Says:

    So Beth…I'm with you. I admit I saw that on ANTM too. I would need casts on my ankles and stitches in my chin if I even tried to stand up in those shoes, but the final picture was beautiful!

  11. --Deb Says:

    Those shoes are insane, and just make me sit here, shaking my head and asking, "Why, Why, Why" over and over. Of course, I felt the same way the first time I saw high-heeled sneakers, and they were all over DSW last time I checked in, so what do I know?

  12. Suzanne Casamento Says:

    "Also, she's not wearing any pants." THAT made me laugh out loud.

    Carrie Harris, those awful toe shoes will haunt me all day.

  13. Myrna Foster Says:

    Those shoes are dreadful.

    The Adoration of Jenna Fox surprised me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the way the characters argued both sides of the ethics involved.

  14. tamara Says:

    I just finished my first Neil Shusterman novel, "Unwind." I was pretty blown away. The concept itself was really cool (abortion is illegal, but between the ages of thirteen and eighteen a child can be "unwound" and have all his parts donated, thereby ensuring he "lives"–just not in his original state.)

    With a concept like that you're in for a good ride, but the book was even better than I thought it would be. The characters were completely engaging, but there were no pat answers.

    It was thought provoking and entertaining, while still managing to impart a moral message. that's a tough order to fill.

    One of my new favorite books. I can't wait to go back to the store and pick up more from the same author.

  15. Kathy Says:

    Rats! Another reader beat me to the point I was going to make: America's Next Top Model put one its contestants into a pair of heeled pointe shoes for a photo shoot.

    If you think it's hard to walk in those things, try the real ones! And to think I used to pay for that torture.

    But aren't the professional ballet dancers so lovely dancing in their pointe shoes? If only they didn't clump so loudly. LOL