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We interrupt our blogging to ask, “What the Heck?”

gaga091009Can you just LOOK at those shoes for a moment? Of course they’re being worn by Lady Gaga, in a picture courtesy of Jezebel, but… but… but… I don’t know, guys, I think I’m speechless.

They’re TOE SHOES. With heels. And a platform in the front. Thereby negating the fact of them being TOE SHOES.

I think my brain may explode.

Also, she’s not wearing any pants.

But wait, I think I can find a way to tie this into books. Have you ever picked up a book thinking it would be one thing — a romance, a mystery — only to realize that it’s something else entirely? I’m not just talking about the books that can be read on many different levels, I mean the ones that make you go, “Ok, wow, I was NOT expecting that.” The political thriller that turns into a romance — ok, that’s practically a sub-genre of its own. But what about the mystery that became science fiction? The romance that turns into horror? What about one of my favorite shows of all time — Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The paranormal that turns into deep social commentary?

Got any examples to share? I’m also open to pretty pictures of shoes to wipe this shoe-tastrophe from my brain.

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