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Powerless Rave!

thumb_Powerless3I’m excited about all of my upcoming titles, but at the moment, I’m especially jazzed for the October release of Powerless by Matthew Cody. We’ve already sold Italian rights to Mondadori, and I hope to have more good news on the foreign rights front shortly. In addition, we’ve been thrilled by the in-house support from Random House on this title. It’s been featured in their limited “It’s a First!” campaign, which highlights “Fresh Fiction from Fresh Voices” across the entire Random House list — only six titles from the entire Children’s Division. You can follow the previous link, or click here for a PDF with an exclusive excerpt from Powerless and the other five titles.

But that’s not all the exciting news! We’re thrilled that Borders is hugely behind this book, and the in-house support at the corporate level has so far been outstanding. The first customer review on the Borders site is from their head buyer for Kids books, who writes:

How would you feel if you could fly, but knew you’d soon lose that ability? How would you deal with a town bully so strong he can pick up cars? How can kids keep a secret from a whole town for generations?

These are some of the questions posed by Matthew Cody’s fantastic new middle grade novel Powerless which goes on sale on 10/27/09. Fan of comic books, super-heroes, and plain old good mysteries will love this book of friends banding together before they are overcome by a terrible fate.

There’s more, of course, so do check the whole review out (Click on “Customer Reviews”), and pre-order your copy today!

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