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I Have Not Forgotten

winnerI promised to announce a winner in the Labor Day book review contest, and I have not forgotten! Or rather, I remembered again! Most of your reviews were also for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, which makes a ton of sense, giving that it came out that weekend. If you didn’t check out the links in the comments on my Recent Reads post, you can read some of the other reviews for Catching Fire here, here, here, here, here, and here. Beware of some spoilers.

But which review was the best? And how do you quantify “best” when it comes to reviews? Justine Larbalestier had a post recently on the topic of reviews, but for my part, I enjoy a review that makes me rethink my own reaction to a book, and has me wondering again what it means. To my mind, then, there are TWO winners of this contest, JJ and Anna. JJ’s is a little more spoiler-iffic, but both hers and Anna’s had me contemplating my reaction to the book again, and that can only be good. So, guys, send me an email with your addresses, and I’ll keep you each off a copy of Band Geeked Out by Josie Bloss.

And speaking of Josie, have you seen the gorgeous cover for her forthcoming book Albatross? Check out my clients’ page, or Josie’s blog, and don’t miss the Meg Cabot quote which calls it:

“Taut and emotionally wrenching… I couldn’t put it down. Josie Bloss is an author to watch.”

I hope you’ll agree!

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