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Holiday Weekend

poolreadingSo today marks the beginning of the Labor Weekend, the traditional “Last Hurrah” of Summer, and all that that entails. I may try to get to the pool, but I’m also looking forward to finishing painting the deck, hanging with friends, and, of course, getting some reading done.

Still, it’s hard not to feel like I “wasted” my summer — and it’s when I say things like that that I feel most like a college kid again, when summers meant something important, as opposed to now, when there’s not a huge difference between my work schedule all year round. Anyway, did I spend every day at the pool? No. (My skin thanks me.) Sure, I got away for a bit, got to see friends and travel to new places, but they were mini-breaks, not huge stretches of vacation.

And I miss the beach. My family has a beach house on the Jersey Shore, and most of the last dozen summers or so have involved many weekends at the beach. Lakes are nice and all, but I’m a girl who loves the ocean.

I suspect I’m getting a little maudlin. And it’s not like I don’t have some truly AMAZING things to look forward to this fall/winter/spring! But I have to ask my readers: do you feel like you missed anything this summer, or did the last three months do it all for you? Share your summer stories in the comments, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday!

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