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Ask Daphne! Where’s My Car?

bones-castIn honor of last night’s season premiere of Bones, a question from Karen, who asks:

I was watching Bones the other day and the character Temperance Brennan mentioned that her publisher gave her a car! That got me thinking… since we all know how Hollywood often gets real jobs wrong. But do publishers often gift their bestselling authors with extravagant items (and would you take 15%…just kidding-lol)? I find it a bit hard to believe since a bestselling author could probably buy their own car, right?

Yeah, I remember that episode. And I remember laughing and laughing. In my experience, I’ve never heard of a publisher giving an author a car. Flowers, yes. Cakes, sure. Other small, portable gifts? Why not? But a car? I don’t think so.

And certainly not in THIS economy.

Which is fine. I don’t want a publisher shopping for a car for one of my authors. I’d rather know they’re working on selling copies of the book, and preparing to send me a nice fat royalty check — which an author could use to buy a car, if they wanted.

Now, I *have* heard of tv or movie studios giving cars to their stars. So I’m going to take this one as an example of what’s done in one industry being mistaken for something normal in another one.

But heck, just because it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right? If the publishing industry worked like it seems to in film or tv, and you were a bestselling author, what extravagant gift would you want from your publisher?

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