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Ask Daphne! (in Person!)

woman-podiumDoing anything Saturday, October 10th? If you’re free, and happen to be in the Colorado area, you can come Ask Daphne your questions live and in person at the Douglas County Libraries Writers Conference, “An entire day of workshops, networking and activities for writers. Gain valuable tips and insight from experienced writers and other publishing professionals.”

Want to know more? Check out the day’s schedule online here, or the complete workshop list as a pdf here. If that sells you, you can register online here. I’m going to be running two workshops:

How to Build a Better Query
Description: Authors are invited to bring a sample query letter for discussion and review by a literary agent specializing in YA, middle grade, and women’s fiction. General guidelines will be given to help all writers polish their query and learn to sell the “hook” of their novel.


Your Writing is Rock Solid…Now What?
Description: For writers who’ve polished their manuscript, an overview of the process of finding an agent, and what comes next. Offering general “do”s and “don’t”s of querying and suggestions for further research. Question period will include specific areas of interest for kt literary, as well as general advice for all writers seeking traditional publication.

I suppose technically the second workshop should come first, since it covers things you’d want to know before you worry about Building That Better Query, but I was not in charge of scheduling.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you!

And speaking of conferences, if you or someone you know runs one, and you’re be interested in having me come to speak, please send me an email! I’m looking now at my schedule for early 2010 and would love to meet new writers.

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