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Who Are You? (online)

persona1One of the pressing questions at this week’s #kidlitchat on Twitter was about an author’s online presence. Specifically, does what an author writes on his or her blog or website color an prospective agent or editor’s thoughts about working with that author? And for the most part, the answer was no, “unless you’re doing something really stupid.” Which carried over into another discussion about how everything you do online is public, and should be considered as such, since it’s searchable, and can live forever.

So when I saw this article today on Jezebel, I thought it tied in nicely, if obliquely, with that conversation. Personas is an art installation that “generates a visualization of a person’s online identity.” Another quote: “In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you. ” It doesn’t distinguish between multiple owners of the same name, so the results can be somewhat skewed, but I couldn’t help but think of authors who might be struggling to be sure their online presence is hitting the right marks. Now you can find out if it is!

Just for fun, I entered “Kate Testerman,” and got this lovely bar graph.
katetesterman-personaPutting in “Kate Schafer” changes things up a bit, giving me a bigger hit on “books,”
kate-schafer-personawhile “Kate Schafer Testerman,” with the least amount of data to pull from, finally acknowledges that sports are not as important to me as books.

How brightly colored are you? And do you think this comes close to representing you, or do you look at it just as an art project?

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