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Stealing a Question of the Day

questionsandanswerskt literary author Suzanne Casamento has been blogging every day with a question for her readers, and on this glorious Friday, the end of a pretty spectacular week (details to be revealed soon!), I thought she had a great Q to send us off to the weekend.

It’s Friday. You’re sitting at your desk or working your job or doing whatever it is that you normally do on Friday. A magic genie pops up out of nowhere and says, “Hey, you! It’s your lucky day. You get to go wherever you want to for the weekend. All expenses paid, with one guest. But you have to be back here, on time, Monday morning. So where do you want to go?”

Check out Suzanne’s answer and add your own!

If it were me, and the genie could actually get me where I wanted to go magically, without worrying about spending the time it would actually take to travel there, I’d want to go to one of those amazing-looking resorts in the South Pacific, with cabanas on piers over a lagoon, flowing mosquito netting, a private beach, and an endless supply of frosty beverages.

If I actually had to factor in travel time, I want to find the closest scenic getaway where me and my sweetie could be completely alone. Maybe somewhere in the mountains, where we wouldn’t run into anyone else on the hiking trails.

Where would you go?

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