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Sekrits and Squicks

shhhWorking on something exciting — two somethings exciting actually — but I’m not quite ready to release the news. In the meantime, I wanted to point you towards this interesting post on The Enchanted Inkpot about the May/December romances that repeatedly pop up on teen paranormal romances. Late, late Decembers. As Alison Ching writes:

The older-and-wiser suitor, who sees something in the heroine (and it is usually a heroine) that others do not, has become something of staple in these books. […] And while some readers find these love stories rapturous and swoon-worthy, there are others who are, frankly, completely squicked out by them.

One of the comments talks about one of the paranormal May/December romances that did work for me, that of Buffy and Angel:

Instead of being about eternal youth, [the series Angel] was about his quest for maturity and wisdom in spite of his eternally young body. He was trying to grow up. I certainly agree with the first commenter that I don’t really see the appeal in someone who can kick around for a couple of hundred years without learning something or growing to the point that he’d no longer have any interest in a teenage girl.

How do you fall on the debate? Do these romances cause a certain squick factor when you think about it, or is there something to having a long time to live that makes the older man seem younger, and thus, acceptable?

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