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Everything Old is New Again

hunger-gamesRexroth and I got back yesterday from a quick little weekend getaway — cruising down the highway listening to the new Green Day album, climbing the (maybe) highest sand dune in North America, soaking in natural hot springs, and taking naps. Oh, and I got some reading done, too. Not work, though. While I brought my Kindle with me, I never even opened it. It was such a joy to turn off my analytical agent brain and just enjoy a good story.

And what a story! I may be the last person in publishing to have read this, but The Hunger Games was fantastic. If, for whatever reason (“everyone else likes it, so I’m going to be contrary and avoid it,” to name one) you haven’t picked this up yet — just do it. And I was lucky enough to grab a galley of Catching Fire at BEA earlier this year, so I can read the sequel RIGHT AWAY. Or rather, the next time I get some time off, whenever that will be.

So that was Friday night, after dinner. Saturday, after my massage, Rexroth and I sat next to the San Juan River, reading and alternately dipping into the hot springs, testing them all out for temperature and comfort. I got sunburned (my family would say, “What a surprise!” and totally make fun of me AGAIN) but I did so in order to finish reading The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, so it was completely worth it.

And I realized both of these were books I’d had on my “To Read” shelf for far too long, and that’s there’s probably scores of other books I’m going to love as much, that I already own, and the only thing keeping me from them is the time to sit and enjoy.

And then I remembered — Labor Day Weekend is only 3 weeks away, and what better time to dip into a few more summer books before “back to school”? Sure, kids are going back to school out here in Colorado THIS WEEK, but I find that an abomination against nature. Everyone KNOWS school starts after Labor Day. And if I’m going to read some neglected soon-to-be-favorites, maybe you’d like to join me?

So here’s what I’ll do. I’ll commit to reading two more books (for fun) between now and the end of the Labor Day weekend. But which ones? That’s where you come in. Tell me which books are on your “To Read” piles, and I’ll compare them against the ones on my shelf. I’ll pick the two most popular titles (that I already own), and report back after I finish them. If you ALSO commit to reading at least ONE of them, and post a review of it of your blog or otherwise linkable corner of the web, and come back here to share it, then you’ll be entered to randomly win a copy of Josie BlossBand Geeked Out.

What will I read? Only YOU know! It could be Catching Fire, or another E. Lockhart title I hear is great, Dramarama. I still haven’t read Going Bovine or Little Brother yet, or Kiki Strike. Or the Mortal Instruments trilogy — do I have it in me to tackle three books? Maybe!

I used to devour books, and I still love to do so, but I just don’t get as much of a chance to do so as I used to — not when I’m trying to keep up with queries and partials and client manuscripts, which take priority. So sign out in the comments and make some book recommendations! I’ll report back in a week or so on the most popular suggestions.

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