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The Rebel Wore Pink

thumb_pinkWhile we in the US of A have to wait another year for Lili Wilkinson‘s novel Pink, early copies have been sighted in Australia, and early reviews are up. A few quotes:

Pink is fabulous because it’s the antithesis of what it sounds like. There’s nothing soft, fluffy or sweet about this novel. Wilkinson slices, dices and shreds her way through dialogue to get to the real heart of the matter…and the characters.


This one is for the kids that just aren’t sure—about their sexuality, their friends or themselves. Pink successfully turns the traditional theme of fitting in upside-down, while reinforcing the importance of being true to one’s self—if you can figure out who you are. […] I loved the idea of the rebel lesbian girl who wants to try living in the mainstream.

So, what color do you wear to convey your personality? I mean, purple may be my signature color, but I have a deep attachment to black as well, signaling my continuing connection to my NYC roots.

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