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Taking a Book to the Movies

harry-potter-half-blood-kisSo I’m at my mailbox this afternoon, and I have to sign and date something to pick up a package. Well, I’ve been on a semi-vacation with a friend in town, so I’m not on top of the date. When I ask the girl behind the counter to confirm the date — “Is it the 15th?” — her reply just made me smile: “Yep, it’s Harry Potter Day!”

And who doesn’t love Harry Potter Day? I love sleeping a bit too much to get out to a midnight showing of anything, but Rexroth and I are taking a long lunch together on Friday to see it — by which point I expect just about everyone in the WORLD will have already seen it, but I bet we’ll get awesome seats!

Anyway, the Harry Potter movies are fantastic examples of books turned into movies. Some may gripe that the early movies weren’t the best adaptations, but the last few have been brilliant (and I expect the same from Half Blood Prince). But there’s been books turned into movies for decades, both good and bad, and I’m curious to know some of your favorites — and which ones you think are particularly bad, too!

At the top of my list: The Princess Bride. Superb book, wonderful movie. Rexroth and I caught a screening of it last month at the Red Rock Amphitheater, and the 9,450 seat house SOLD OUT for a twenty-two-year old movie. That’s film that stands the test of time.

Way down near the bottom? How about The Cat In The Hat? Kt literary client Daniel J. Blau makes a strong case for its suckiness.

What’s on your list, good and bad? And which books do you LOVE that have never seen celluloid, that deserve viewing?

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