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Loving the Library

librarybooksDid you guys see this?

An avid reader in south west Scotland is on the brink of borrowing her 25,000th book from her local libraries.

Louise Brown, 91, from Stranraer, took her first book on loan from Castle Douglas library in 1946.

Since then she has borrowed at least six books every week throughout each year and has recently increased that to about 12 volumes every seven days.

Library staff said they were amazed by the achievement, particularly since Mrs Brown has never had an overdue fine.

I’m amazed. Twenty-five THOUSAND books! Go Mrs. Brown!

I will admit my library use has tapered off in recent months, what with an influx of client reading and manuscript requests — not to mention the growing number of books shelved in my office yet to be read. But I love the idea of just grabbing six books from the library every week, reading them, and getting six more the next week. I used to do that — back when I was a kid, and the local library sponsored summer reading contests. Even when I was an assistant at my former agency, before I started representing my own titles and selling foreign rights, I’d head over to the nearest branch of the NYPL a couple of times a month and grab piles of books to read.

What about you? What are your library habits — present, past, or hoped-for future?

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