if it’s too difficult for grown-ups, write for children


links2The tabs on my browser have flowed over to a second row, so it’s time for another tab-closing session of Linkapalooza! First up:

First, the School Library Journal ran one librarian’s “Open Letter to Kids’ Book Publishers.” Then, editor Andrew Karre wrote a rebuttal to her point about the length of books being published.

I don’t disagree that there are books out there that are too long, and I really love short novels, but I respectfully (but firmly) reject the notion that there is a meaningful general limit to length.

Today, he tweeted librarian (and author) Lisa Chellman’s response to the Open Letter, with a brilliant riposte to the original writer’s request for more books with books instead of girls.

Hey, listen up writers and editors! Any book that doesn’t specifically deal with breasts and periods and pretty, pretty princesses should be about boys. Because boys don’t see themselves reflected in literature, film, politics, science, or sports nearly enough. Because boys are the default. Because we’re lazy slaves to the patriarchy.

Excuse me while I barf.

Thinking of Andrew Karre, who was kt literary client Josie Bloss‘ first, brilliant editor makes me think of Josie herself, the cover of whose latest book Band Geeked Out is featured on Jacket Whys, picking up on another trend in cover design. A note for Jacket Whys: Band Geek Love had the same style design!

Then on to another kt literary client, S. Terrell French! Into the Wardrobe has a great interview posted, where Susannah talks about her inspirations and the rewards of writing Operation Redwood. There’s another short review from the King’s English Bookstore in Salt Lake City here, which calls Operation Redwood “intriguing and sensational”!

Next, a quick mention of Vacations From Hell in the Sacramento Bee — notable for being a list of fantastic summer titles not just for kids, but for all readers.

And I’m sure you already heard about the brouhaha around Alice Hoffman’s response to a bad review, but you should check out Jennifer Weiner’s blog about it in the Huffington Post.

And finally, I still want this.

What’s on your mind? Any links you want to share? Add ’em in the comments!

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