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Bad Breakups

break-upLate post today, as Intern Jenny and I spent the day sending books out, processing contracts, and answering queries. Between reading those, however, I did get a chance to read this, from GalleyCat:

Hyperion will publish a memoir that tells the other side of the story behind the memoir, Eat, Pray, Love—a literary response scheduled for a fall 2010 release. […]

And the Publishers Weekly article it links to adds:

In Displaced Cooper offers the flip side of [Gilbert’s] tale—his account of overcoming the divorce and embarking on his own world journey.

And my first thought? “Must be nice.”

I mean, seriously, you have a bad break-up, and both of you set off separately around the world to get over it? Wow, life must be SO TOUGH for you.

Breaking up is often a big plot device in YA fiction, and yet, very few teens have the liberty to go gallivanting around the world to get over a romance. To be fair, there’s a different commitment level between marriage and teen dating, but in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I couldn’t help but wonder…”

What have your teen protagonists gone through to get over a bad breakup? What about yourselves? If you had the wherewithal, what would you do to get over a bad breakup?

I mean, travel is nice, but I think I’d rather have friends around me to help me through than set off by myself… although if I could BRING my friends on a worldwide trip, I’d definitely go. What about you?

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