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Ask Daphne! What about MY book?

angelshoesAngel shoes for Colleen, who writes:

I have an adult book that is masquerading as a picture book. It’s a book of blessings. You’d probably find it in the metaphysical, new-age section of a book store. How would you suggest finding an agent and publisher for such a unique book?

First of all, strike the phrase “picture book” from your vocabulary in describing your book. Although it may in fact be a book with pictures, that phrase is closely allied with children’s books, and yours is not.

So now what? Well, the same thing I tell every author seeking publication: research, research, research. Check out that mataphysical, new-age section of the bookstore, and make a note of which publishers you commonly find there. See what other books are on the shelves that are similar to your own (if there’s a LOT, maybe you need to consider if your book adds anything new to the selection). Then cross-reference those publishers’ names with the listings in the Writers Market or other online sources. Does the publisher have their own website? What are their submission guidelines? Do they look at unagented manuscripts? If not, start looking at agents who handle those type of books.

Finally, I have to say, of course you think your book is “unique.” But in truth, they all are, and yet you should take the same steps towards publication that all agents advise: Do your research, cross-reference everything, and make sure that what you’re putting out there is worth your readers’ time, that it’s truly unique.

Good luck!