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Ask Daphne! About My Query XIV

smart-shoesGoing to try something a little different today. Instead of my telling you first what I think about this query, I’m going to let YOU tell me first what you think. I’ll come back later today and add my thoughts. Why? Because I want to avoid the “I agree with Kate/Daphne” situation we sometimes get into, and because you guys are SAMRT and can do this. Ready, set, go!

Dear Daphne:

As William the Conqueror’s sons battle for his throne, Vesper must prove her honor to others and her worthiness to herself. Interweaving fiction with actual events and historical characters, Honor Bound (about 130,000 words) is a historical fiction that blends political intrigue, feudal honor, and romance, set in a world where treacherous plots abound and misplaced trust is fatal.

The year is 1088 and England is torn asunder by rebellion. To keep her estate Havre de Grace—the most important thing in the world to her—Vesper Fitzhawke gives her oath of fealty to the new king. Once she is honor bound to obey him, the wily ruler commands her to wed against her will and sends her on a dangerous, clandestine mission in his fight to save his throne from his brother’s efforts to supplant him.

Grim Eryvine, the exciting, but infuriating Scottish warrior she is forced to marry, is a wanderer and a loner. He scorns the role of estate holder and adamantly opposes being bound to one person or one place. For those reasons—and because Grim believes that women do not have the necessary sense of honor to hold true to a sworn oath—he clashes with Vesper and sparks fly. Even so, Grim is irresistibly drawn to the beautiful and strong-willed demoiselle he is forced to marry. As he plunges deeper into a web of desire and longing for her, he grows to fear that she loves Havre de Grace more than she could love any man and would even commit treason to possess it.

Vesper and Grim immediately find themselves entangled in the Machiavellian schemes of Odo, the malevolent Bishop of Bayeux. The devious bishop secretly leads the rebellion against the untried English ruler and seeks to suborn Vesper into treason with a tantalizing promise. In exchange for her help, the would-be usurper will grant her control of her land unencumbered by an unwanted husband. Vesper now confronts the draconian choice of fulfilling her oath to the king and performing the difficult tasks given to her, or committing treason in exchange for a most enticing reward.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,


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