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June 26th, 2009 • Kate

poolreadingRexroth and I just stained our back deck (hopefully it won’t rain this afternoon), and with that major accomplishment out of the way for this weekend, I’m looking forward to heading to the pool tomorrow with my Kindle, my sunblock, and some snacks for a serious readfest. I’m looking forward to tackling some great client revisions, but I’m curious…

What are you reading?

Share your reading plans and recommendations in the comments!

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25 Responses to “Weekend Reading”

  1. LynnRush Says:

    HI! Wow, that sounds like quite a plan. Enjoy your new deck.

    I'm working on reading the next one in Charlaine Harris' series. Living Dead in Dallas. Dead Until Dark was pretty good, so we'll see how this one pans out.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    I'm trying to make up for lost time (boo, exams!) on my quest to read 100 books this year, so this weekend I need to read the next three books on my list: MJ's "Devilish" and "Girl at Sea" and Libba Bray's "A Great and Terrible Beauty."

    Halfway through "Devilish!"

    But, of course, you've already read that.

    One book I read last week and particularly enjoyed was "Princess of the Midnight Ball" by Jessica Day George. It's a re-telling of a Grimm Fairy Tale and it was really neat. I was concerned in the beginning that I would get ridiculously confused with the character names–there are twelve sisters and all of them are named after flowers–but it was easy to distinguish them based on their personalities, which impressed me greatly. I'd recommend it!

  3. Amy Says:

    Thanks to an insane coverage gig I agreed to… I am reading SEVEN forensic thrillers as soon as I can. No, I don't know what I was thinking either!!

    Enjoy those client revisions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Karen Says:

    Hey Ashley, I have that quest too! Granted, my list also includes audio books, because I can do that while at work. Right now I have 37 books under my belt, and as it's nearly 7 months into the year I think I might only make it to 70. Nothing to sneeze at, but still shy of 100.

    Right now I'm reading Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I know I'm late, but better late than never. I just finished the first three in Jeanenine Frost's Night Huntress series. After Pretties, I think I'm going to read either Graceling or The Graveyard Book.

  5. Jamie Harrington Says:

    I think it's time for me to read that new Evanovich!

  6. Diane ~ The Book Res Says:

    The pool sounds delicious! As for reading material? Hmmm…

    Smashcut & As You Wish.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Beth Says:

    The backyard deck sounds lovely!

    Today I started on the post-apocalyptic classic On the Beach by Nevil Shute.

  8. Trish Says:

    My recent reads are: "Along for the Ride" by Sarah Dessen and "Memoir of a Teenage Amnesiac" by Gabrielle Zevin. Both very good in very different ways.

    Currently: "Fairy Tale" by Cyn Balog. But I'm only on page 5, so not enough to say how it's going.

  9. bookwormchris Says:

    Hopefully I will be finishing Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker. Nice piece of standalone epic fantasy. Started it last week I guess, and I've been so busy I haven't been able to finish it until, hopefully, this weekend.

    If I have time, or perhaps next week, I will start one of the last few Maureen Johnson books sitting on my "Read Me" shelf. Then maybe something by John Scalzi, depending on my mood.

  10. Christina Says:

    All those books mentioned above are great. Read Devilish and loved it. Just finished Pretties and had to buy Specials. Evermore is next along with Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. I have about 12 books on my desk right now and they are all screaming at me to read. Way too much fun.

  11. Moth Says:

    I'm finally getting around to reading the sequeal to Ann Aguirre's Grimspace: Wanderlust. It's been in my TBR stack for awhile. I'm more than halfway through and more than a little worried I'm going to get a setting up for a sequel ending. We'll see…

  12. dust Says:

    Cheri Priest's Dreadful Skin! With illustrations!

    And The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus 2) by Jonathan Stroud, on audiotape, read by Simon Jones. Almost to the end…I keep finding excuses to drive places.

  13. Stephanie W. Says:

    Right now I'm reading The Bermudez Triangle, by MJ and I LOVE IT. ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterwards I am going to read Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen and Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.

  14. Mandy Says:

    I've decided to do a bit of light reading this summer by picking up Ben-Hur. I'm about halfway through it and think it's pretty good.

    Next on my list is to re-read the entire Wheel of Time before the next book comes out in November.

  15. Julia Says:

    Just finished Suite Scarlett (loved it!) My next read is one of my own I am revisiting for revision.

  16. Amy Lynn Sonnichsen Says:

    I'm working on The Three Musketeers for my Fill-in-the-Gaps 100 project. We just moved, though, so I haven't spent as much time with it as I would like. I'm excited to be living back in the US now so that I can get my hands on some of the YA titles on my list that I couldn't get while I was living overseas. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I may have to read some of them while still keeping up on Three Musketeers … which is so funny, by the way. I've really laughed out loud at some parts. I think that took me by surprise.

  17. tamara Says:

    Just finished The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. Cried at the end…I loved the trilogy. Picking up City of Ashes today since I'm almost done City of Bones.

    Halfway through "The First Five Pages" by Noah Lukeman. Great book on writing! Also reading Stephen King on Writing…which is awesome.

    Almost done The Wolves of Calla on audio. (Stephen King…Gunslinger Series) I already read the whole series, but it's always fun to listen to stuff…I find you get a different take on it. Besides Harry Potter the Gunslinger books are my very favorite series ever!

  18. Amey Says:

    I just finished "Bride to Terabithia" today. I've never read it, I know shame on me. I have "Memoir of a Teenage Amnesiac"next on my list.

  19. Anna Says:

    Hey Daphne, who won the book from commenting on your post about blurbs? Thank you as always for being so generous and informative! Anna

  20. Karen Says:

    Okay, since this seems to be the place to remind you of things…hem-hem…what was the COOL news you Twitted about the other day? You said you would let use know later and I just wanted to see if you forgot, or if it's not ready for publication yet…I wonder if it's what I read about just last night?? Hmmmmmm

  21. Kate Says:

    Karen — all is revealed on Twitter!

  22. Karson Says:

    This weekend I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I'm really behind the times on my Harry) and Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. I just started Next by Carrie Jones and already love her voice and writing style. After Next? Devilish by MJ…just arrived in the mail from Amazon *rubs hands together*

  23. ChristaCarol Says:

    I just recently finished a bunch of books, therefore am on a reading break. (I'm an addict…I HAVE to finish a book before I do anything else, like eat or sleep, so I drive my husband nuts when I'm reading.) I finished Poison Study and Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder, The Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon, and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I plan on getting the next ones in those series (Fire Study, and City of Ashes, City of Glass), plus Dragons Prefer Blondes by Candy Havens (releasing July 7)

  24. Win! | kt literary Says:

    […] to Anna, for reminding me I promised to give another free copy of Vacations From Hell to a random commenter […]

  25. Karson Says:

    Correction to my last post…the book is called Need by Carrie Jones, not Next…my fingers got a little crazy on the keyboard!