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Inbox Wishing

wish_listOne of the questions posed on yesterday’s Ask Me Anything! post was about what I wish were in my inbox. Let’s see: A personal invitation from George Clooney to spend the rest of the summer with him at his house on Lake Como; an email from my local theatre with free passes to every movie I ever want to see there, with no expiration date; several offers from publishers for the books I have currently on submission; and notification of payment on all the deals I’ve concluded recently.

Or did you mean in terms of queries? Oh. I see. Rexroth, you would totally be invited to Clooney’s place, too, I swear!


So, what QUERIES do I wish were in my inbox? I’d love a paranormal that isn’t the same old vampires, werewolves, fairies, ghosts, or guardian angels. I don’t know what it WOULD be, but it’d be fresh and different — maybe from a teen boy’s point of view, just for a change.

I’d love a YA sports book with a gymnast or an ice skater that feels believable, and doesn’t need to end at the Olympics. I love Love LOVE the movie Stick It — where’s THAT book?

I want a teen detective story a la Veronica Mars (did you know you can watch full episodes on, but it needs to be about a personal crime, not murder — I don’t know if I can suspend my disbelief to go with a teenager investigating something too big.

I want more realistic middle grade stories, a la Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind an email from Joss Whedon offering his novel to me to represent, or a query from any of the writers who have worked on one of his shows.

That’s it, I guess. I don’t sit around wishing for something — I’m too busy reading the stories you guys think are worth telling, and hoping that I find something among my querypile that makes me forget what I don’t have, and get excited about your story.

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