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All About Controversy

bermudezI know there’s a lot going on in the world right now — much of it being reported on Twitter — but between taking a hard look at what’s going on in Iran and doing your own part to help or show your support, there’s stuff going on here in the US about censorship as well. You may have already seen Maureen Johnson’s video about the attempted book banning of The Bermudez Triangle and Only in Your Dreams: A Gossip Girl Novel, and if you haven’t, please do check it out, along with the supporting links.

But did you also know that a group that calls itself the “Christian Civil Liberties Union” is suing for the right to BURN a book they think has caused them mental and emotional damage for its realistic and lauded portrayal of a gay teenager? (Baby Be-Bop by Francesca Lia Block.) You should read more about it.

You want to do something to prove these book banners and small minded people can’t win? Buy a banned book. (It’s not just for Banned Books Week!) Borrow one from the library. Tell your librarian she’s awesome for carrying the books that are under attack elsewhere.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to change my Twitter icon.

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