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A *cough, cough* Contest!

vacationsGrr. Every time I try to put a cute little picture on a post lately, it crashes my browser. I’m sure that’s EXACTLY the reason why I didn’t blog yesterday! Sigh.

But I am feeling a little better, as you may have heard from Twitter. I only have a cold, not Swine Flu. Or any other flu, for that matter. Hooray!

And speaking of other things I have: brand spanking new copies of Vacations From Hell, with short stories by Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Claudia Gray, Sarah Mlynowski, and our very own Maureen Johnson. Want one? I’ll give one to the very best/worst horrible vacation story posted in the comments!

You have until Monday to share your story of vacations gone horribly awry. Let’s hear ’em!

UPDATE: I had to use Internet Explorer to get the picture up. Grr!

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