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May 1st, 2009 • Kate

warfortheoaksI sat at our table at our bowling league last night, eager to get back to my book. Almost as soon as Rexroth and I got home, I settled into our favorite reading chair and devoured the rest of War For the Oaks by Emma Bull. This is, by all accounts, the novel that defined the term “urban fantasy”. And wow. It’s just — utterly compelling. If you like Tithe by Holly Black or Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend you grab a copy of War For the Oaks. In fact, I’m indebted to Melissa’s editor Anne for suggesting I pick this up. It seemed a no brainer, since I’d already enjoyed Emma’s book with Steven Brust, Freedom & Necessity, as well as Finder, another one of her urban fantasies. But this was new (to me), and exciting, and oh, so good!

I’m off to go see how many more of her other books I can get my hands on.

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3 Responses to “Recent Read”

  1. Scott Says:

    I read "War for the Oaks" many years ago and absolutely loved the book. I had loaned it out to a friend and just recently got it back. It's on my 're-read' list. It was one of the better books with a similar theme that all seemed to come out at the same time. I believe Tad Williams had a similar book. I love Tad's writing, but I much preferred "War of the Oaks".


  2. Christina Farley Says:

    Oh it sounds great! I'm going to have to pick it up when I'm home this summer. Thanks for the rec.

  3. Electric Landlady Says:

    I love War for the Oaks! It's one of my favourite favourite books. Sadly, Emma Bull, while awesome, is not prolific. Her latest is Territory. Also very good, but very very different.