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A Few Links

thumb_pinkWhat with flying back and forth to Philly this weekend, I had the opportunity to get a ton of reading done, and I’m still feeling that urge, so just a few links today in lieu of a more thoughtful post. Not that this isn’t thoughtful, though. I’m thinking of Lili Wilkinson, for instance, whose new book Pink just got its first review from Steph at Hey, Teenager of the Year. (No Amazon link to it yet, since its US publication by HarperCollins is still some bit off.)

I’m also thinking of Maureen Johnson, partly because I just read the latest version of Scarlett Fever this weekend, and partly because of this fun IMterview with her on Scott Westerfeld’s blog.

So, yeah, I take back that whole “thoughtless” thing. I’m full of thought about my authors! And if you’ll excuse me now, I’m diving back into one of their books. What are YOU reading?

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