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The Worst Queries Finalists!

thumb_bandgeekedout1I’m all about sharing the love here, so I hope you’ll help me pick out the winners of my very first “worst queries” contest. Remember, the winner gets a copy of Band Geeked Out by Josie Bloss. Before I list my favorites, though, an interesting note. I found that the your ideas of the “worst” queries came in two main categories — poorly written, in the “I can haz book deal plskthx” mode and poorly imagined, as in a book idea that is in some way horrible. Both types of queries had some real winners (or do I mean losers?). But in the end, there can be only… uh, three.

The finalists!

-Sunna, for her query “The Masterpiece”,
-Peggy, who sent “Wuthering Jane” in just under the wire,
-and Clienti Favori for the soon-to-be-classic “Fictional Novel: A Fictional Novel”

Those are my picks, at least. Leave a note in the comments with your pick of the best out of those three. But! Because I’m feeling generous on this lovely Friday, you can also write in an additional pick. The write-in vote with the most comments (and voting for yourself multiple times doesn’t count!) will ALSO get a copy of Band Geeked Out.

I’ll announce the winners on Monday. Get to voting!

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